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Our Brand

  • Editor-in-Chief: Mehmet Emin DAŞ
  • Contact No: +905356680527
  • Address: AtaUni, Technopolis Floor: 2, No: 204 ERZURUM


– Bringing together writers from all walks of society related to cities to create designs that will improve the quality of urban livability in our country Dec bringing together writers from all walks of life, to be able to close the insufficient Turkish resource deficit of Landscape Architecture and other related professions on the Internet, to be able to increase public awareness of the Landscape Architecture profession and to create a culture of interdisciplinary assistance and communication.


Recognized on national and international platforms, – with advanced software features and broadcasting in several languages, – who follows contemporary innovations and leads innovations, – it has a large and high-quality staff of writers, – being an important magazine publication that organizes domestic and international events.


There are no printed publications of our magazine at the moment. Thank you for the attention of everyone who called and texted to become a member of this publication. However, since we think that the future of publishing will only be on the internet, we do not have any plans to go live yet. We want to spend our energy on internet broadcasting.