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How To Decorate Gardens with 8 Steps

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1. Get to Know Your Garden

The first rule of a good garden arrangement is undoubtedly to get to know your garden well. Factors such as the area of your garden, whether it is getting wind, climate, soil quality, annual rainfall, frost condition are crucial to the design of your garden. You must know this information well to decide what to do from the beginning.

2. Take Note of Your Dream of Garden Editing

One of the first things to do when you’re doing garden editing is to take note of your dream. Do you want to plant branching fruit trees from above and enjoy the hammock between them, or do you want a minimally-modern garden and outdoor kitchen ideal for crowded families? Do you have plans for a pool, a fire pit or a hobby garden? What is the purpose of your garden? You need to ask yourself these questions first. If you intend to work with a professional firm like ours, you will be given options and your dream will be noted in prior interviews.

3. Draw Your Project

You set up what your dream garden arrangement should be like, but have you tried to draw it on a paper? What will your garden be like to irrigate, where will the drainage canals pass, is it necessary to beautify denim differences with retaining walls? What tree covers how much space it grows, what trees it needs to plant with how much range, what are its seasonal aspirations? Is it suitable for cultivation in the area of your garden? Did they evaluate fragrance, flowers, color, evergreens? Has proper plantation been done to make it a beautiful garden in all seasons?…

Subjects like these are important for your garden to last. In a few years, random trees may fade, cover the area, or may not yield the desired garden beauty. So we recommend you get specialist support at this stage. It will also be helpful to look at garden editing examples and take inspiration.

4. For Irrigation and Drainage, Organize Your Garden According to Your Project

You drew your project, now it’s your turn to arrange your garden for your project. First you have to decide where to pass drainage ducts and irrigation pipes in your garden.

It’s important to have drainage channels where your garden can transfer excess water in case it rains heavily. To do this, you can open canals, observe denim differences, and transfer excess water to the rain gardens you arrange in one corner of your garden.

You also have to evaluate how to do irrigation based on your plant project and decide whether to do drip irrigation or release irrigation, leveling your space accordingly.

5. Place Structural Elements

If you are thinking of areas in your garden such as gazebo, road flooring, fire pit, seating unit you should place them in their place at this stage.

6. Leveling Your Garden

After opening the Irrigation and Drainage canals and placing appropriate equipment, you vent by digging out your existing soil if your garden’s soil is suitable. If it’s not convenient, set it on top of your garden soil by bringing enough quality soil.

Once you’ve built up the denim differences according to your project, fix your soil appropriately to the area with garden editing materials (rake, anchor, shovel, waist shovel etc.).

7. Plant the Trees You Will Use in Your Garden

In the next phase, plant the trees you will use in your garden. If you’re out of planting time, take care of the scuba sapling. If your garden doesn’t have walls and you want to set boundaries, you can opt for fence plants.

You can also do your hobby garden arrangement at this stage if you have reserved space for your project.

8. Grass Crop

As a final step, plant grass or other earth covers in your garden. Don’t forget to give life water to plants you’ve just planted. If you pay attention to watering every day in the first month after arranging your garden, you will find that your labour has turned into a very beautiful garden.


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