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Nakkashtepe National Garden: A Magnificent Park Overlooking the Bosphorus

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How about spending time in a park that has been inhabited and aged, surrounded by lush nature overlooking the Bosphorus? We say hello to the new year with a post that examines the Nakkashtepe National Garden, which offers its users the opportunity to have a pleasant time and take photos with an area of about 50,000 thousand square meters.

Nakkashtepe National Park and Memory of the Martyrdom of July 15

Nakkashtepe National Garden, located on the borders of Uskudar Kuzguncuk, is the first national garden of Istanbul. The park is located on the Bosphorus ridges and appeals to both the eye and the soul with its lush nature. Since its opening, many concerts, events and meetings have been held. Its landscape and nature are of a nature that will satisfy those who come. It is also frequented by social media photographers. It is similar to Otağtepe Park with its landscape angle.

I am going to tell you about my experiences while walking around the park with my own photos.

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Transportation to Nakkashtepe National Garden

The entrance to the Nakkashtepe National Garden by car is provided by Gumusyolu Street. It is possible to reach the area easily with the signs located on the road. Entrances are free for pedestrians. If you are coming by car, you need to pay a small amount.

The functions contained in the field are as follows :

From the Nakkashtepe National Garden to the Bosphorus
  • Vehicle and pedestrian access
  • pedestrian entrance
  • martyrdom entrance
  • car park
  • picnic areas
  • fountain
  • children’s play areas
  • hiking trails
  • fitness equipment
  • wooden flying path
  • adventure trails
  • pond
  • wooden bridge
  • indoor children’s playground
  • tennis court
  • theater
  • cafe
  • management
  • inventor’s house
  • sports field
  • mr. mrs. wc
  • mr. mss. masjid
  • zipline start and end points

Space Design and Material Selection

The fragmented use of functions in the field was one of the points that attracted my attention. This side of the field, far from integrity, can feel lost from time to time. For this reason, information boards are often placed for this reason.

Natural materials were used throughout the area in the Nakkashtepe Millet Garden. Simplicity and functionality are at the forefront. Bridges, game group elements, adventure tracks, sports equipment, even curbs and elevations were created with wooden materials. The playground floor and walking paths also support the project.

The fact that there are large trees in the area supported the design. With picnic areas, adventure trails, walking paths, this side of the park that gives you a feeling of life feels like you are walking in a forest that you have been going to for many years. All you have to do is take your pocket from the buffet this season and immerse yourself in nature.

Speaking of buffets, there is a municipal buffet at the entrance of the area where you can get tea, coffee, various drinks and light snacks. If you wish, you can use the cafeteria by the pond for food. If you are here for a picnic, it is possible to spend time without lighting a fire.

How to Get to Nakkashtepe National Garden?

For transportation by car, you must use the entrance on Gumusyolu Street. Because the entrance to the beach of Kuzguncuk is designed only for pedestrians and there is no parking lot.

Nakkashtepe National Garden Entertainment areas

The children’s playground in the area is quite simple, it is not a park where bulky play groups are used. The adventure trail and zipline have balanced this simplicity. With Zipline, it is possible to get photos as if you are holding on to the bridge while feeling the park from the top scale. There is a parking space for the younger age group, as well as an inventor’s house with an indoor playground.

A trip to nature

It cannot be said that the topography of Nakkashtepe Millet Garden is favorable for jogging and walking due to its slope. Although it is desirable to reduce the slope in the area reserved for the walking path, steep slopes and stairs have appeared from time to time.

If you prefer the summer months more for sightseeing, good photos will come out because the weather is clear. It can also be a nice break to cool off. During the season, this park has witnessed and will have enjoyable picnic tables.

It is possible to come across our cute friends during the trip. They will definitely come to visit your table. It’s worth going prepared.

Nature is the only book with the deepest writings on every leaf


And remember that the world misses the feeling of your bare feet and the wind playing with your hair

Halil Cibran

Next to the Park is the Memory of the Martyrdom and Museum of July 15

Having come all the way here, I would definitely recommend that you also see the Martyrdom and Museum of July 15. Cypress trees will greet you when you turn right from the entrance of the people’s garden. It is a symbol of immortality and revelation. The names of the martyrs are found on the plates located at the beginning of each tree.

It has a different atmosphere with its outdoor and indoor areas. You will feel that spirit from the entrance to the garden. The museum of memory July 15 is one of the must-see places. The museum was brought to life as a result of the workshop curated by Architect Hilmi Şenalp. Its operation is carried out under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Nakkashtepe National Garden Cypress trees walking path
The Path of Memory of the Martyrdom and Museum of July 15
Nakkashtepe National Garden of memory of the martyrdom and museum of July 15
Memory of the Martyrdom and Museum of July 15

Access to the Memory of the Martyrdom and Museum of July 15

July 15 Martyrs Bridge is located at the Anatolian Exit. Access to the martyrdom can be provided by car by turning right at the main entrance to the park. By public transport, you can also get off at the 15 July Martyrs Bridge stop located on the Anatolian side using the metrobus. It has its own parking lot.

Dec Monday, it is open for visiting from 09:00 to 18:30. Entry is free.

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